Jennifer + Nick Rocky Mountain Elopement

Elopements. That's the new wedding. At least while Covid-19 is still around. But don't think elopements aren't a good time. Elopements are intimate. It's a way for couples to make their most romantic dreams about their wedding day come true without sacrificing a single intimate moment between the two of them.

Jennifer and Nick initially wanted to elope, but ultimately began planning a wedding. Covid ended up switching their plans. However, they are up for adventures and that's exactly what an elopement is all about.

So Jennifer and Nick planned their elopement in less than 2 weeks. We went from a wedding date planned later this year to adventuring the Rocky Mountain National Park. Jennifer and Nick are no strangers to me asking if they are willing to meet at sunrise, we did their engagement pictures in negative wind chills at 5am, but that pink sun

rise was worth it. This time required us all waking up at 3am, meeting in Estes, bringing two outfits and piling in my car at 6:30am. Jennifer brought a traditional taiwanese dress as well as a stunning lace gown.

So why do I love elopements? Because they are FUN. We got to hike, had hikers congratulate the two, share stories. They told me about their favorite restaurants, experiences they have had together, future plans, all while being so easy to photograph because of how over flowing their love is.

We ultimately had two locations we wanted to go to for pictures, however, with Covid and people desperately looking to get out, our second location's parking lot was full. We did not want to get into a shuttle, so these two were happy to be along for the drive with me as we ventured around. The second location we had was a lake and I was determined to find water. So, Jennifer and Nick trust me and my crazy ideas. We found a little stream and they willingly got into a glacier melted ice cold stream for pictures. If you are willing to do that then you are the real MVP.

Even though these two went from wanting an elopement, to planning a wedding, to switching back to an elopement, these to did it and did it their way. They got married and they did not let the change in plans change the fact that marriage is about them two and about their love. They just wanted to be husband and wife, and they did the thing.



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